Here you will find the participation of the SURFICE team in different events.

CoSI 2022, 17th Coatings Science International Conference

June 27th-30th,2022

 Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Poster by ESR 7. Miisa Tavaststjerna

We are happy to announce that Miisa won the creative innovation award with the following poster:

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SYNC2022, The First Symposium for YouNg Chemists: Innovation and Sustainability

June 20th-23rd,2022

Rome, Italy

Poster by ESR8. Andrea Maslov

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ISPAC-  2022 33rd International Symposium on Polymer Analysis and Characterization.

June 5th-8th, 2022.

Milan, Italy

Poster by ESR2. Anny Catalina Ospina

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