Simrandeep Bahal

University College London

London (UK)

Project title:
Nanoengineered surfaces for dynamic anti-icing

Manish K Tiwari

Starting date: 14/12/2021

Research updates:


About him:

“I obtained my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017 from National Institute of Technology Jalandhar, India in 2017. After that, I worked for an year with a Pharmaceuticals Industry in India, where I worked in the cogeneration department. While working and handling the operations of the thermal power plant in that department, I developed my interest in the phase change phenomenon and realized the importance to develop the engineered surfaces for efficient dropwise condensation on the condenser surfaces. This motivated me to take up higher studies and I completed my Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Fluids and Thermal from Indian institute of Technology Ropar in 2021. In my masters thesis, I worked on the numerical simulation of dropwise condensation and have developed a code in Python to compute the heat transfer rate for the case of dropwise condensation on planar and hydrophobic textured substrates”

Project goals

This position will focus on the manufacturing of nanoengineered metallic substrates for anti-icing application.  On such an engineered substrate, impact dynamics of droplets and jets will be computed using the high-speed imaging techniques.

This will shed light on the thermofluidics aspects of the impact led freezing process. Moreover, working in this project will allow to grasp various experimental techniques and procedures to which I had a limited exposure in my earlier studies.

Furthermore, the project will give a chance to learn about various surface preparation techniques and will offer good interaction with the industrial mentors through various secondments.