ESR 12: Development of models for the adhesive and cohesive failure of ice

AeroTex UK LLP, Farnborough (UK)

Researcher: Pau Riera Portillo

Supervisor: Ian Roberts

Project goals:

The project will attempt to generate a new generation of experts in ice protection technologies. The primary objective for the ESR is to develop analytical or simulation tools for the prediction of ice failure on surfaces protected by low power ice protection systems (electrothermal, electromechanical and piezoelectric) when subject to aerodynamic forces and/or centrifugal loading.

The project will be organized into three main phases:


  • Research existing ice failure data i) available in the open literature, ii) held by AeroTex, iii) provided by MSCA-ITN partners and iv) external partners to understand the data currently available within the domain.  This data shall incorporate various failure mechanisms (e.g. shear, tension) associated with low power ice protection systems and when subject to aerodynamic and/or centrifugal loading.
  • Much of the current data incorporates significant scatter.  The researcher shall establish the requirement to incorporate stochastic approaches in ice failure modelling or whether a rational approach can be adopted.

Modelling and Simulation

  • Identify candidate approaches for the modelling of ice failure when subject to loading from both ice protection systems and externally (e.g. aerodynamics and centrifugal).
  • Develop ice failure models to cover both adhesive and cohesive failure of ice incorporating stochastic approaches if required.


  • Participate in icing wind tunnel testing organised by partners within the SURFICE consortium.
  • Test the models against data generated on both coupon and larger scale experimental studies.