Scientific Journal Publications

Collection of scientific journal articles published in the context of the SURFICE project:

Full instantaneous de-icing using extensional modes: The role of architectured and multilayered materials in modes decoupling

Ultrasonics, 2024, 107264

Authors:G. Gastaldo, M. Budinger, Y. Rafik, V. Pommier-Budinger, V. Palanque, A. Yaich

Reframing ice adhesion mechanisms on a solid surface 

Applied Surface Science, 2023, 641, 158462

Authors: Luca Stendardo, Giulia Gastaldo, Marc Budinger, Valérie Pommier-Budinger, Irene Tagliaro, Pablo F. Ibanez-Ibanez, Carlo Antonini

Capillary-Driven Water Transport by Contrast Wettability-Based Durable Surfaces. 

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2023, 15,22.

Authors: Theodoros Dimitriadis, Luca Stendardo, Irene Tagliaro, Anna Maria Coclite, Carlo Antonini, Tanmoy Maitra

Internal and interfacial microstructure characterization of ice droplets on surfaces by X-ray computed tomography. 

Journal of Colloid and interface Science, 637, (2023).

Authors: Laurens Snels, Navid Mostofi Sarkari, Jeroen Soete, Arne Maes, Carlo Antonini, Martine Wevers, Tanmoy Maitra, David Seveno.