ESR 10: Development of a coating platform for targeted modular functionalization of large-scale surfaces

Susos AG, Dübendorf (Switzerland)

Supervisor: Samuele Tosatti

Doctoral position

We are looking for a young graduate with a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in chemistry or chemical engineering with experience in polymer synthesis for a 36-month doctoral position in the area of multi-functional polymer synthesis.

The candidate will participate as an early-stage researcher (ESR) to the Marie Skłodowska – Curie Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN) project: “Smart surface design for efficient ice protection and control” (SURFICE). A project under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

The project will be carried out at SuSoS AG, Dübendorf Switzerland in collaboration with the Macromolecular Engineering Laboratory of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Zurich Switzerland under scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Mark Tibbitt. Furthermore, secondments of 3-6 month at different MSCA-ITN partner institutions will be part of the project.

The ESR will be matriculated as doctoral Student of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), with the goal to obtain the degree Doctor of Sciences (Dr. sc. ETH Zurich).

Job Description

The project will attempt to develop a novel multipurpose bonding chemistry capable of ensuring a

high stability of functional coatings, consisting of newly developed polymers combined with an easy application and activation by e.g. temperature or light. The goal is to generate a library of bonding chemistries and combine them in surface active molecules, to apply coatings efficiently to relevant substrates (such as metals and polymers). Coating adhesion, functionality, stability, and compatibility will be characterized in parallel with an in-depth analysis of candidate coating materials for optimization.


  1. Identify relevant chemical routes towards surface functionalization and perform synthesis of a library of relevant compounds for bonding screening.
  2. Adapt appropriate wet coating procedures (dip, spray, jet, etc.) to apply functional coatings efficiently to relevant substrates (metals, polymers, etc.).

Expected Results:

  1. Perform in-depth literature review and identify target chemistries suitable for application (10%)
  2. Synthesize building blocks accordingly (30%)
  3. Establish library of relevant compounds (30%)
  4. Modify, characterize model coatings onto different materials (20%)
  5. Assess performance on anti-icing functionality (10%).

Your profile

  • Candidates should have recently obtained a Master’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering with outstanding grades
  • Excellent knowledge of organic chemistry
  • Strong experimental training in synthetic chemistry
  • Language skills: ENGLISH: Excellent / GERMAN: of advantage
  • You have a talent for conceiving experimental hypothesis and can realize them in a target-oriented manner

Institution address

SuSoS AG, Lagerstrasse 14, CH – 8600 Dübendorf

Important dates

Expected starting of the working contract: 1st June 2021.
We look forward to receiving your application until 31st March 2021.

Application process

We look forward to receiving your application until 31st March 2021 by e-mail to (to the attention of Mr. Samuele Tosatti) and, including the recruitment form and other documents given on the website:  This website also gives the ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA, the application requirements and the selection process as also described below. For questions and further information on the position, please contact Sina Göhl via, NO APPLICATIONS accepted via this email address.

Your application must include the following documents: a CV, a motivation letter, transcripts from your bachelor and master studies with grades including range (highlighting the most important courses for the position), and at least two (2) references with contact details of references. An English language certificate and certificates of practical experience are desirable.
All application will be evaluated, and feedback provided within 2 weeks (shortlisted or declined). Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a face-to-face (Skype) interview.
Final decision will be communicated by e-mail.