ESR 10

Alexandros Atzemoglou

ETH Zürich
Zurich, Switzerland

Project title:
Development of a coating platform consisting of novel multipurpose bonding chemistry, capable of ensuring a high stability of functional coatings

Samuele Tosatti

Starting date: 01/06/2021

Research updates:


About him:

I am a chemist by training and got an M.Sc. in advanced materials science both from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. My past research topics were spread in different research fields, as during my bachelor´s, I investigated the removal of heavy metals from ground waters, while on my master´s I worked on the synthesis of novel smart polymeric materials. The SURFICE project triggered my desire to investigate new fields and at the same time creating new materials from scratch, in a topic that affect everybody´s everyday life. On June 2021, I joined SuSoS AG, member of the SURFICE consortium, to star creating ideas and materials that will be part of SURFICE project.

Project goals:

The project will attempt to develop a novel multipurpose adhesive chemistry capable of ensuring high stability of functional coatings, consisting of newly developed polymers, combined with an easy application and activation by e.g. temperature or light. Extended literature research will be performed in order to find the appropriate structures to be studied and to design the possible synthetic pathways. A molecule with lower thermal reactivity could be used to replace nitrene and carbene precursors used up to date. Coating adhesion, functionality, stability, and compatibility will be characterized in parallel with an in-depth analysis of candidate coating materials for optimization