ESR 4: Development of two complementary ice adhesion test methods

Technische Universit├Ąt Darmastadt, Darmstadt (Germany)

Researcher: Ali Raza Shaikh

Supervisor: Ilia Roisman

Project goals:

Only limited empirical and in many cases contradicting data are currently available on the dependence of ice adhesion on the material and morphological properties of substrates. Better understanding of the adhesion physics and predictive models developed in this task is required to enable a rational design of low-adhesion surfaces for active anti-icing systems.

The objectives of the project include: i) design and set-up two complementary experimental techniques to measure ice adhesion force in tensile and shear mode on model substrates of different wettability and roughness; ii) validate the ice adhesion models developed in WP2 and iii) propose a best practice for ice adhesion testing in icing wind tunnels

The ESR will be responsible for the design of the experiments and their conducting in the aim to determine the influence of the value of the adhesion forces will be measured for surfaces with various surface energies and morphologies, thermal and mechanical properties, and atmospheric conditions. The expected results include: (i) setup of ice adhesion test rigs, (ii) design of experiments completed to identify the most relevant experimental parameters (material properties and icing conditions), (iii) ice adhesion test results on a variety of icephobic surfaces and in representative icing conditions, (iv) cross-correlations established among relevant operating and system parameters, validation of physical and numerical models completed.