SURFICE participated in the SAE icing conference in Vienna

SURFICE team, including nine ESRs and five members of the supervisory committee, participated in the International Conference on Icing of Aircraft, Engines, and Structures from June 20 to 22 in Vienna, Austria.

Amidst the gathering of recognized scholars, the consortium seized the opportunity to showcase their collective efforts in the design of ice protection and control systems. In a special oral session, they introduced the ITN, its objectives, and the remarkable achievements accomplished under the European Union’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programs

Carlo Antonini gave the talk in this session as the project coordinator.

Six other oral presentations were given by SURFICE members (Ilia Roisman, Luca, Gabriel, Miisa, Giulia and Pau).

Moreover, SURFICE had a poster session where three ESRs in which Mingyue, Ali Raza, and Navid) presented their research results as posters.

The team seize the significance of this event in the field of icing research, due to the opportunity to share and exchange ideas. It was a truly enriching experience that further fueled the discussion within the network.