SURFICE fifth training school at Zurich, Switzerland

SURFICE – MSC-ITN team had their Fifth training school in Zurich, Switzerland. This event was hosted by SuSoS AG members (Samuele Tosatti, Alexandros Atzemoglou, Stefan Zürcher, Daniele Rezzonico, Sina Göhl-Gusenleitner, Niccolò Bartalucci). The team gathered at ETH Zürich for the synchronization meetings in order to update the ITN regarding their newest achievements. Furthermore, ESRs followed lectures focused on Chemical Characterization of Surfaces, Binding chemistry to Surfaces, Dynamic bonding in polymer design, and industrial application of surface science in sports equipment. Participants also had a visit from SuSoS AG facilities at Dübendorf. Last but not least, the team enjoyed swimming and BBQ at Werdinsel Island.