Icing experts meet at Leuven, a great opportunity for SURFICE networking

#SURFICE participated in the “Icing mitigation and monitoring solutions” workshop and networking event hosted by Sirris | Innovation forward in Leuven, Belgium on September 21, 2022. The latest trends and solutions regarding icing mitigation and monitoring methods developed for several ice-prone systems were presented at this event.

Four members of #SURFICE, including prof. Carlo Antonini (UNIMIB), prof. David Seveno (KU Leuven), Andrea Maslov (KU Leuven), and Navid Mostofi Sarkari (KU Leuven) attended this workshop.

Prof. Antonini, as the #SURFICE project coordinator, presented the details about this ITN and how 13 ESRs are working on designing smart surfaces for efficient ice protection and control. 

The second part of this workshop was a lab tour of ice research facilities at the department of Materials Engineering | KU Leuven (as one of the SURFICE beneficiaries). The participants visited tools such as ice adhesion tester, acoustic emission, freezing micro-computed tomography, wetting assessment at low temperatures, coating durability tests, etc. in this department.

Furthermore, on September 22, 2022, the #SURFICE team had a visit from the large climate test chamber of OWI Technologies-Lab in Antwerp, Belgium, hosted by Ozlem Ceyhan (Sirris) and Martijn Roozendaal (Sirris). The team had the opportunity to see and learn more about this big climatic chamber utilized for tests in extreme icing conditions.

#SURFICE intra-network visits are continuing, before September 2022 was finished, Prof. Manish Tiwari (University College London) had a visit from the department of Materials Engineering | KU Leuven. In addition to participating in a lab tour of Wetting and Surface Analysis lab of Prof. David Seveno, discussions regarding the project of ESR 11 (Navid Mostofi Sarkari) took place.