Our Intra-network collaborations are getting stronger!

#SURFICE beneficiaries and partners are constantly interacting to share their advances.

Recently, Gabriel Hernandez Rodriguez (ESR6) from Graz University of Technology is visiting  Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca to test the coatings he obtained using iCVD on the ice set-up designed by Luca Stendardo (ESR1). The discussion about the ongoing experiments on soft surfaces by Anny Catalina Ospina Patiño (ESR2) will be helpful in analyzing the icephobic performance on different substrates.

Also, this week Dr. Samuele Tosatti from SuSoS AG had a visit from the Wetting and surface analysis lab of prof. David Seveno at the department Materials Engineering | KU Leuven.

After a tour of the icing and surface analysis tools, points of collaboration between the labs and the ESR10 (Alexandros Atzemoglou) and ESR 11(Navid Mostofi Sarkari) were discussed.